NFPA Data Solutions

Interactive tools enabling fire data analytics

NFPA’s Data Solutions Portal is a growing suite of online platforms for fire and safety officials, researchers, and the public to explore and analyze data in new and innovative ways. The tools below were developed by NFPA data scientists and researchers using a variety of techniques designed to both help analyze specific problems and showcase different ways that data can be used in the community. 


     EFFECT Tool
  • PIP is an interactive tool designed to help building inspectors evaluate and compare the inspection priorities of different buildings. PIP seeks to replicate the assessments of an experienced fire inspector by drawing on data from seven building attributes combined with a machine learning algorithm trained on data provided by over 100 experienced building inspectors.
  • Fire Service Needs Assessment Tool

    This interactive platform is based on the NFPA Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service (2001-2015) and allows users to create customizable data reports and state fact sheets with a focus on firefighter training, fitness and health, personal protective equipment, apparatus, and community risk reduction activities.




      Needs Assessment Tool

  • Fire Department Comparison
    NFPA is testing this tool to allow fire departments to see how their own department compares to similar departments. The tool uses a combination of fire department and, fire experience survey data with census demographic information   to enable departments to see how their resources and response incidents compare to similar departments across the country. Note: Access is currently restricted to select fire departments.
 Fire department mapping tool
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