Committee member access on the Doc Info Pages

Located on NFPA’s website, the Document Information Pages (List of NFPA codes & standards) provide one central location to access all information specific to our codes and standards.  After sign-in on, Committee members can access both the public and their private information located on the pages.

Committee Members: To access your private committee information on the pages, sign in on go to your specific document page at (Example: Once signed-in, you will be able to view both the public and private technical committee information for your particular code or standard (private information is displayed with a red asterisk after the title). 

女性大胆展隐私图片,美女私密部位高清图Each Document Information Page includes the main header page and seven resource-tabbed sections:

  • Header:  contains the document title and scope, ability to access the document via free access or NFCSS subscription, feature to search another code or standard and also to sign-up to receive email alerts.
    Direct tab link:  (Example:
  • Current & Prior Editions:  contains information on the current and prior editions of a document such as issued Tentative Interim Amendments, Formal Interpretations and Errata.  Also, the archived revision information of the document such as meeting and ballot information, First Draft Reports, Second Draft Reports, Standards Council decisions and NITMAM information. 
    Direct tab link: (Example:
  • Next Edition: contains information on the next revision cycle and follows the committee’s progress in the processing of the document.  View information such as the revision cycle schedule, posting and closing dates, links to the online submission system for public input and public comment, First Draft Report and Second Draft Report, meeting and ballot information, Standards Council decisions and NITMAM information. Committee members also access private documents such as ballot circulations, informational ballots, and additional general committee information.
    Direct tab link: (Example:

  • Technical Committee: contains the committee member rosters, committee scope and responsibility, classification of committee members, committee seeking members, online committee membership application. Committee members also access private committee lists (with phone and email addresses), committee documents (codes & standards) in PDF format, and general information applicable to all committee members such as resource links to the Regulations and other policies.
    Direct tab link: (Example:

  • Ask a Technical Question:  provides a way for members and public sector officials/AHJs to submit technical interpretation questions about codes and standards directly to NFPA staff. Our Technical Questions Service provides a convenient way to receive timely and consistent technical assistance when needing to know more about NFPA codes and standards. Responses are provided by NFPA staff on an informal basis.
    Direct tab link: (Example:
  • News & Research:  provides links to available articles, research and statistical reports related to our codes and standards and also a feed to the latest codes and standards news and information from NFPA’s online community, Xchange.

  • Purchase Products & Training: discover and purchase the latest products and training available on a code or standard and add items directly to your cart.  

  • Related Products: view NFPA’s related publications, training and other resources available for purchase.
Please contact your Staff Liaison if you have any specific questions or comments regarding the content on your pages. If you are having difficulty signing-in, please submit your question online or by phone at 1-800-344-3555 (press option 2 for Customer Service), Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can retrieve a forgotten password anytime from the NFPA.

For general doc info questions, please contact us at